They’re Calling It The “Instagram For Doctors” – And It Might Just Be the Next Big Thing in Medicine

Too often when we think of growth in technology, we think of Silicon Valley startups that intend to change corporate culture or the way we access products in our daily lives. But, when was the last time we thought of an app that could completely change the field of medicine? For a lot of us, the answer to that may be: never, or at least not recently. It seems pretty rare, right? But, this week, a Toronto-based startup seems to be showing some out-of-the-box idea potential for an entire new market: apps specifically designed for doctors.

Will you be Sharing your Home with Siri?

ust as the Echo brings Alexa to life, Apple plans to use their HomePod to bring Siri into each customer’s home. As result, Apple will be providing a brand-new experience during a time where virtual assistants are more intelligent than they have ever been. Although this sounds great and Apple has generally had success with their new technologies, this announcement still raises the question: what does the HomePod offer that is different and more exciting than the similar products that have come before it?  

San Francisco Asks: Have Uber and Lyft Become Public Nuisances?

It’s not hard to see why the ride-share industry has become so widely popular in the past few years. For all of us, the abilities to hail a car to our exact location and then pay directly from a mobile phone are just two of the major pulls to using such services. With these two factors at the forefront of their mobile platforms, companies like Uber and Lyft have started to dominate the transportation market globally. As a result, discouraging the use of both public transportation and taxi cabs, and encouraging consumers to depend on their devices.

How an Employee of Wal-Mart Could Soon Be Your Delivery Driver

Soon your online purchases may not be delivered by a man or woman wearing the brown and gold uniform you’ve likely become accustomed to. Instead, they might be wearing…a…blue vest? That’s right, in an effort to combat the success of online retailers such as Amazon, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is now testing a program which will consist of store employees delivering some orders that have been placed on or during their commute to (and from) work.

The New York Times Is Ditching Editors

When we think of newsrooms and newspapers, we typically picture large rooms, filled with desks and reporters. The reporters go out and collect information, fact-checkers research and confirm that information, writers turn that content into quality news stories, and editors ultimately check the work of these writers. Editors are seen as the top of the newsroom food chain by having the power to decide what sounds best, how to present the information in the most compelling way, and fixing any mistakes that they can find. But, last week, The New York Times made a calculated move that may prove to be extremely important for the future of the entire news industry. The paper offered to buy out many of its top editors by offering them severance packages.

Will A New “Tech Unicorn” Change The Way You Spin?

Working out at home with some type of “home-gym” is not a new concept. To that end, neither is the idea of a stationary bike. However, at least in the opinion of one New York based company, it was time to re-imagine the stationary bike, as well as the user experience that goes along with it. Like the advancement of many other types of fitness gear, this means the integration of new technologies in addition to a more social environment for customers.

Brands Going Extinct In 2017?

If you are an active reader of our blog, you know that we have discussed the struggles retail companies have faced over the past few years. While the biggest challenge has come from the boom in E-commerce growth, these struggles have occurred for various reasons and have effected many different types of companies. As result, some of the brands that we have become very familiar with may be disappearing in 2017.

8 Foolproof Ways to Save Money This Summer

For all of our investors, the summer can be an amazing time to kick back with friends and family. But, spending those special days and making memories with the people you love don’t necessarily mean you need to put any extra strain on your wallet. Remember, your goal should be to maximize your summer fun while minimizing your total costs. We know this is probably not a constant thought running through your mind all summer long, though; so, to help you out a little, we’ve compiled a list of 8 easy (and even fun!) ways for you to save some extra funds this summer!

Why Your Home Might Soon Be Furnished By Amazon

If you did not already think so, you might now be persuaded to believe that Amazon is taking over the world…well… the world of retail at least. For instance, with retail sales being its largest channel of revenue, Amazon recorded an astounding 27 percent year-over-year net sales revenue growth in 2016. For a little more perspective, serious competitor eBay’s reported growth was only an increase of 5 percent. In total, Amazon has reported a net income of $2.37 billion stemming from $136 billion in net sales during 2016 which is a substantial increase from $596 million in net income during 2015

New Suave Commercial Teaches Us About Millennial Consumption Trends

Suave, a shampoo brand owned by Unilever (NYSE: UN), is teaching millennials everywhere a pretty funny lesson about their spending habits. In its newest commercial, which was officially released in late April and has since gone global, Suave ran a couple of its product trials on some well-known “beauty influencers.” Just to clarify, a “beauty influencer” is the latest social media label for someone who has a lot of followers on Instagram and gets paid to market the newest and trendiest beauty products. This kind of marketing has become huge as of late and as more brands are finding that millennials would rather see pretty Instagram posts from famous people than regular old advertisements. Following in suit, Suave’s newest commercial used the power of the “influencer” trend to teach some millennials a little lesson.

Fyre Fest’s Miserable Failure Leaves Us with An Important Lesson

Previously called “a step above Coachella” by Vogue Magazine (among many other big-name sources), the Fyre Festival was supposed to be the ultra-glamorous, “next big thing” for the music industry. The rich and famous promoted it across social media by posting beautiful pictures showing the Exumas, a section of islands in the Bahamas where the Festival would take place, with captions like “hit the Bahamas with me.” The #fyrefestival became so popular on Instagram that festival coordinators barely had to worry about marketing the event outside of social media platforms. In fact, the Facebook page for the event, created by American musician Ja Rule and entrepreneur Billy McFarland, can still be found here

For Dole Foods, Is Three the Magic Number?

When you think “Dole,” what comes to mind? Some of you are sitting there thinking oh come on, that’s easy! But, most of you are probably staring at this article and drawing a blank. Where do I know that name from? And trust us, you’re not alone. But we promise, chances are high that you know Dole and its products. In fact, the company has been a major player in the US for over one hundred and sixty-six years.

Is Samsung’s Fate In The Galaxy S8?

Following its launch in Seoul, South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is all set to be released in the United States this coming week. In fact, this product launch could potentially be the most closely observed product that is released in 2017. Why is it so important? You might ask. The answer is simple, the introduction of the Galaxy S8 comes one year after the nightmare (for Samsung) that was the Galaxy S7.  

Netflix’s Top Competitor is …Sleep?

After years of being asked about HBO and Amazon, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has something very different to tell us about competition this time. Instead of competing in the vast market for entertainment streaming, Hastings has said that “there’s room for everybody” in the market.  

United’s $1.4 Billion Mistake

We are sure you have heard the saying, “the customer is always right!” While not always to be taken literally – can show us the true value of positive customer service. In fact, a more accurate saying with the same effect might be “even if you don’t know if the customer is right, treat them like they are.” Why? Because customer service can be extremely important for business – and reports of customer satisfaction spread like wildfire. For example, if a customer buys a plane ticket for your flight, a typical airline employee would probably overbook the flight and then select random “volunteers” to get off the plane. Wait, what?!

MGM Looks To Esports To Jump Start Growth

There have been large quantities of money floating around professional sports for nearly a century now. However, it appears there may be a new addition to the landscape of professional sports that could add an entire new revenue stream. More specifically, a new stream that coincides with the already exciting stream of cash flows for one major player in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International.

What the New Snapchat “Search” Feature Confirms About Our Favorite Social Media Platforms

Last week, Snap released its first big feature since going public last month – and this feature seems to be very indicative of the company’s future. The feature comes in the form of a new update to the extremely popular Snapchat app. The update, which has now been dubbed “Search,” allows users to do just that: they can search and see photos and videos from concerts, sporting events, or even just the most recent posts from the night at their local bar – even if they aren’t friends with the person who posted it. Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re a Snapchat user and you haven’t tested out the new feature yet, you should try it soon and see what you think!

Your Next Meal May Come Via JoyRun

We all know that phone applications that offer ride-share or food delivery services have become extremely popular over the past few years. Some of the big players are Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, and DoorDash, for instance. Whether it’s a safe ride home from the bar or a pizza delivery to your house, these services have proven to be very useful. However, they are not always cheap and their business models are not necessarily ideal for millennials or college students.

SpaceX Does It Again

It seems that humans have always been intrigued by space and the unknown world that lies beyond our Earth. Quite frankly, it is hard to look up and not wonder just what…or who…is out there. For some, the awe-inspiring sense of wondering is enough; for others though, they have decided to take action and push towards an exploration of the “great frontier” that is space. The best modern day example is undoubtedly Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX and Co-Founder of Tesla Motors Incorporated.