Is Samsung’s Fate In The Galaxy S8?

Following its launch in Seoul, South Korea, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is all set to be released in the United States this coming week. In fact, this product launch could potentially be the most closely observed product that is released in 2017. Why is it so important? You might ask. The answer is simple, the introduction of the Galaxy S8 comes one year after the nightmare (for Samsung) that was the Galaxy S7.  

Netflix’s Top Competitor is …Sleep?

After years of being asked about HBO and Amazon, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings has something very different to tell us about competition this time. Instead of competing in the vast market for entertainment streaming, Hastings has said that “there’s room for everybody” in the market.  

United’s $1.4 Billion Mistake

We are sure you have heard the saying, “the customer is always right!” While not always to be taken literally – can show us the true value of positive customer service. In fact, a more accurate saying with the same effect might be “even if you don’t know if the customer is right, treat them like they are.” Why? Because customer service can be extremely important for business – and reports of customer satisfaction spread like wildfire. For example, if a customer buys a plane ticket for your flight, a typical airline employee would probably overbook the flight and then select random “volunteers” to get off the plane. Wait, what?!

MGM Looks To Esports To Jump Start Growth

There have been large quantities of money floating around professional sports for nearly a century now. However, it appears there may be a new addition to the landscape of professional sports that could add an entire new revenue stream. More specifically, a new stream that coincides with the already exciting stream of cash flows for one major player in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International.

What the New Snapchat “Search” Feature Confirms About Our Favorite Social Media Platforms

Last week, Snap released its first big feature since going public last month – and this feature seems to be very indicative of the company’s future. The feature comes in the form of a new update to the extremely popular Snapchat app. The update, which has now been dubbed “Search,” allows users to do just that: they can search and see photos and videos from concerts, sporting events, or even just the most recent posts from the night at their local bar – even if they aren’t friends with the person who posted it. Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re a Snapchat user and you haven’t tested out the new feature yet, you should try it soon and see what you think!

Your Next Meal May Come Via JoyRun

We all know that phone applications that offer ride-share or food delivery services have become extremely popular over the past few years. Some of the big players are Uber, Lyft, GrubHub, and DoorDash, for instance. Whether it’s a safe ride home from the bar or a pizza delivery to your house, these services have proven to be very useful. However, they are not always cheap and their business models are not necessarily ideal for millennials or college students.

SpaceX Does It Again

It seems that humans have always been intrigued by space and the unknown world that lies beyond our Earth. Quite frankly, it is hard to look up and not wonder just what…or who…is out there. For some, the awe-inspiring sense of wondering is enough; for others though, they have decided to take action and push towards an exploration of the “great frontier” that is space. The best modern day example is undoubtedly Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX and Co-Founder of Tesla Motors Incorporated.

What Stella Can Teach Us About Stocks

If you live anywhere where the climate is let’s just say… less than temperate, then you’ve probably experienced the volatility that comes as a result of seasonality. As consumers, we notice seasonality all the time – some businesses just don’t function well in different types of weather. But, as investors, seasonality is something we really need to be aware of as well, because these fluctuations in businesses and sales can, in turn, affect stock prices. In fact, you may even consider making seasonality a key point of study in your regular investment research process, so that you can be sure you’re considering not just what a business does and sells, but how much it sells and when.

Is Yext What’s Next?

We are now a quarter of the way through the year and there has only been one tech IPO - Snapchat – along with a few other companies who have filed to go public. Further, this seemingly slow start is particularly interesting since many venture capitalists and bankers had predicted that 2017 would be a huge year for IPOs in tech. For reference, 2016 had been the slowest year for United States tech offerings since 2009. However with its recent filling, the New York City based tech company Yext is hoping to ramp things up.

Disney Stock: More Beauty than Beast?

Disney fans are feeling the true meaning of “happily ever after” this week – and not just because their animated films are so hart-warming. So, where did all the happy come from? Over the weekend, Disney’s new film Beauty and the Beast was released both in the US and overseas, and it seems that movie-goers everywhere just can’t say enough positive things about the film.

Advertising Woes: A Big Problem For YouTube

YouTube is perhaps among the most powerful tools that we all have at our fingertips and is a subsection of one of the most influential companies on the planet, Google. Moreover, as of 2014, YouTube was even incorporated as the headlining video hosting site for Google’s “Google Plus” social media platform. It serves as a provider of entertainment, whether it is through music, television, movies, independent creations, or almost anything else creative that you can think of. Likewise, it has become a powerful tool for education and general transfer of information as well.

Smart-Eyewear Might Still Be The Next Big Thing In Wearable Tech

Wearable tech is not really a new concept, but it has undoubtedly grown by leaps and bounds in popularity over the past few years. Generally, leaders in the field have had success with products such as smart watches. For example, there is the Apple Watch, the Fitbit, and Garmin’s Vivoactive HR. While each of these products has some unique features, they do serve the same general purpose for watch wearers and tech enthusiasts alike. However, the watch is not the only accessory that tech companies have tried to integrate with “smart technologies.”

Save Money With…Food?

Yes, you read that right – food. So much of our day is consumed (pun intended) by thoughts of food. Think about it: it’s so easy to plan your next grocery trip, think about what you’re going to have for dinner, or even click on articles purely because the title includes the word “food” (you know who you are). So easy, in fact, that we dug up a couple of cool statistics from some recent studies on American adults just to prove how much time people really spend thinking about food each day.


For many of us, staying up to date with the news, sports, or the newest episode of our favorite show is the perfect amount of relief from the daily grind of our working (or school) lives. However, paying for services such as cable television can be very expensive and might not be the best way for us to watch our favorite programs anymore.


These days, fewer and fewer customers want to walk into a McDonald’s store, wait in line, order their food, and then eat in the store. Would you? Unless you’re cooking or going out to a nice dinner, you probably try to eat as quickly as possible so that you can get on with your day. And, especially as far as fast food restaurants are considered, the expectation has always been that you can order your food and eat… fast!


Similar to many other people in their early twenties, I find it easy to want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. As a byproduct, though, and if I’m being honest with myself, I have WAY more clothing than I could ever need and almost have more pairs of shoes than I have room for. Perhaps this is just a “me” problem because I love apparel and shoes, but I have a pretty big hunch that it is not. So, in an effort to continue my trend of helping you save some cash, or raise some capital for your next investment, here are a few ways that you can unload some of your over packed closet and make money in the process.


We have now heard two big announcements from the fan-favorite video-streaming service, YouTube, in the last ten days. If we think about these announcements, they seem to be the product of some very calculated internal decisions. From all we’ve heard, we think YouTube is starting to play hardball.


With the recent stock market spotlight on Snapchat Inc.’s recent IPO filing, we want to take a moment (or a blog post) to bring to light a very common mistake – confusing companies or their ticker symbols!  You are watching the market, but make sure to keep a look out on what company you are actually investing in. While it seems like a silly mistake that would not happen often, it really does happen all the time. Don’t believe us? Here are a few instances where investors mixed up company names in a big way:


Unless you’re highly trained in personal finance or wealth management, one of the things that can be most difficult in the investment process is remembering and understanding all of the different investment options that exist. Simply put, there are a lot of different kinds of investments and strategies that work in a lot of different ways. It’s more difficult to advance without getting a basic understanding of the field, in this case that includes the basic terms of the trade (pun intended)! We have taken the guess work out and compiled a “cheat sheet” to help with those frequently used investment/finance terms.